Wednesday, February 4, 2015

150204 Invictus

It's been a tough couple of weeks. Tweaked my back doing deadlifts and a stomach bug kept me out of the gym. Now I'm back. It felt like my right bicep has been healing but I seem to have aggravated it again today with the ring rows.

Meeting with the Ortho last week (follow-up for ganglion cyst on wrist) I asked for him to take a look at it and he seemed to think it may be a slight bicep tendon tear. He said it could heal itself but if it really becomes an issue I should come back in for an MRI.

Warm up:
5 min DROMs
10 air squats
10 walkouts
200m run

24 min AMRAP of:
1:1 work:rest for each movement
10 DB Ground to Overhead (35#'s)
200M Sprint
10 Ring Rows (2 rounds feet on box, 3 rounds feet on floor)
Score: 5 rounds + 10 DB GTO

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