Monday, May 16, 2011


Had to rest these past 2 days. Back was still tender on Saturday from the recent back work. Went to perform my front squat strength work, racked the bar and began to sink into the hole and felt the tweak in my back. Any weight on the rack (even the 5lb tub of protein) causes pain.

Iced it a few times and wore a compression belt and that was helping and now this morning it's spasming worse than the weekend. So now I've got to use some muscle relaxer to get this sorted out. Going to work from home today since the Carisoprodol will leave me in no shape to drive.

Slipped up on my nutrition this weekend (cookies, cereal) and now I'm beginning to wonder if that has contributed to extra inflammation hence making this worse. Have to get that dialed back in today so a fast day is in order.

Speaking of order, a new order of SFH fish oil should be coming in today and that should get me back to feeling well. 

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